I figure if you can do quantified self, it might be interesting to do documented self. So first and foremost it's primarily an exercise in introspection. I'm doing it in public because I would find other people's versions of these really interesting to read.

I don't actually recommend following this manual in an attempt to be me. I'm not that great. But there might be some things in here that would be interesting either as specific things to copy or as a way of going "Oh! Someone else does that too!"

I'm also thinking of this as a general knowledge base: If someone is likely to want to know how I do a thing, or in other way to benefit from some specific knowledge that I might have, this is a good place to document that.

This is not an autobiography, though it may end up containing some autobiographical sections. It's about my current state, not how I got here.

It's explicitly different from my blog for a number of reasons:

  • My blog is about what I find interesting. This is just about me.
  • My blog is organised chronologically, while this is more of a collection of information.
  • The material here is not intended to be persuasive in any way. It's just an enumeration of stuff I do.

However, a lot of material originally appeared on my blog and was migrated over here with some amount of editing, so if you read both expect some redundancy.