I read a bunch of webcomics, mostly via RSS. Here are the ones I'd recommend, with unecessarily snarky descriptions thereof.


  • Schlock Mercenary - long running sci-fi comedy about a bunch of career sociopaths who through a combination of violence and dumb luck accidentally destroy galactic society. Fortunately despite themselves, their replacement does seem to manage to be better (if you ignore the gigadeath that occurs along the way).
  • Questionable Content - post-singularity hipsters.
  • Alice Grove - set in the distant future after the inevitable hard take off AI incident that was the inevitable consequence of the world of Questionable Content results in a global reset. We follow our protagonists, a living weapon who is tired of your shit, and a pair of spoiled brats from space, as they try to figure out what on earth is going on.
  • Strong Female Protagonist - college girl with super powers rejects life of superheroing for important things like sharing the universal human experience of angsting about what the hell it is you're doing with your life.
  • Girl Genius - the heiress of a long line of war criminals and villains throws off the perfectly reasonable restraints that have been put on her and sets out to destabilize the first peace Europe has seen in generations.
  • Skin Horse - follow a team of government bureaucrats (including a talking dog, a high tech zombie, a psychiatrist and a censored helicopter) as they try not to screw everything up.


  • Narbonic - "Are you sure you have a clear idea of what will happen here?" "We're going to destroy the popular kids.". Ladies, Gentlemen and others, our protagonists. The only good person amongst them is the super-intelligent gay gerbil.
  • Buck Godot - Zap Gun for Hire. Another sci-fi comedy about a career sociopath, but he mostly holds back from restructuring galactic society and hardly ever eats people.