I wear a pretty standard set of clothing. It tends to evolve slowly over time, but the goal is that at any point I can just pick a random instance of each and it will work together.

Minor quirks: I do not wear things with patterns or writing on them. An unobtrusive label on trousers is about as far as I go. Everything is monochromatic, although the overall outfit will tend to be several different colours. At one point I wore entirely blue all the time. As a slight overreaction to that I tend not to wear blue much these days.

The current uniform:


Mostly brown. There are a bunch of variants on these - some are jeans, some are note, but for some reason the standard colour I've settled on is brown. It's a bold fashion choice, I know.

I've, uh, gone up a few sizes in recent years, which makes some of my older ones slightly too tight, and I've been going through a period of wearing rather baggy brown Lee's jeans.


T-shirts tend to be my concession to bright colours in an otherwise fairly muted warddrobe. Most of the ones I wear these days are quite bright.

Most of my current ones come from Gold Toe, but that's just a result of having been in their store when I needed a T-shirt refresh and liking what they had on offer.


I like sweaters. Getting to wear them is one of the nice things about winter. I tend to darker colours.

My sweaters at the moment are a mix of three brands:

  • "Adventures of the unsigned". I have no idea who these people are. I found these in TK Maxx. I don't recommend buying sweaters from TK Maxx because four washes later they still smell slightly of damp, but they're great sweaters. I've got a dark purple and a light blue one.
  • John Adams Collection from Migros. I don't have a lot of these intact (they don't hold up well to cats who like to chew on them), which is a shame, because despite being supermarket own brand they're really nice. On the other hand they're also Swiss price, so you can get a lot better for less elsewhere.
  • John Lewis's Merino Cashmere sweaters are really nice too. I only have the linked one, but I'm considering getting more.


I tend to have a pair of shoes and a pair of boots on the go which I virtuously intend to alternate between and then gravitate to mostly wearing the boots.

My current set of shoes is a set of Rockport Oxfords, which I like visually but are just a fraction too large for me (I have weird shaped feet). I got them cheap. TK Maxx again. I'm not proud.

Until recently the boots have been a set of CAT boots (I can't find the particular ones on there). I've basically worn them to death though. I found Rockport do a series of boots with zip-up sides, which is a style I love, so I've bought a pair of those which I'm currently trying.

I'm currently attempting to break in a pair of military surplus boots. I believe they're these ones, but I bought them second hand so I'm not 100% sure. It's definitely the correct manufacturer though. So far I'm a big fan but they don't quite fit me. I'm hoping this improves.


  1. Brown leather belts. I have a variety of these, mostly interchangeable, accumuated over a span of years.
  2. A watch. I have a cheap Casio. It's pretty great. It's not the most attractive of objects (though I have the metal one so it's inoffensive), so it fails the "watch as socially acceptable men's jewelry" role, but it's pretty great at telling the time, lasts forever on one battery charge, almost impossible to damage (I've put it through the wash) and means that I don't get distracted by my phone when I check the time.
  3. A bag. Bags are non-optional for me (see my inventory of what's in it). My current one is from The Goruck Echo. It's a good size (that is, small), well designed, and lets me carry a laptop safely and easily as well as the rest of my giant pile of stuff.